Electric mobility aids are a very popular product to increase your independence. They come in many different varieties- compact models that can be easily broken apart to transport in the boot of a car through to larger machines that can take over 200kg! The two main categories are electric scooters and power wheelchairs. Scooters generally have three or four wheels and a steering apparatus on a long shaft for controlling the machine. Electric wheelchairs and powerchairs have a control pad mounted to one arm that allows the user to steer via a joystick controlled with the thumb or fingers.

There are many different types of mobility aids to assist in various ways- please select from the sub-category below to see our great range of products. But please note that the products shown here are only examples of what Mobility Options keeps on the floor- we have over 1000 products in stock, so we cannot load them all onto the website. If there is a particular aid or model that you do not see here, please call us on (02) 8834 1213 or email us.
Small Electric Scooters and Wheelchairs

Small electric scooters are often used around the house or in shopping centres. They are nimble, relatively light-weight and transportable. Due to their compact nature, small scooters are not as stable for outdoor use. Likewise are small electric wheelchairs: their mini footprint means that you can easily do a 360 degree turn in the smallest of places.

Mid-Sized Electric Scooters and Wheelchairs

A mid-sized electric scooter is most often used for street traveling. Due to its size, a medium scooter is a little too big to be called ‘transportable’, though most of them CAN be taken apart to fit inside a large car if necessary (though it would weigh quite a bit). This is the size that you would most probably have seen on shopping center hire-fleets and traversing the footpath. A large electric wheelchair can also be used on the footpaths, though they are more commonly found indoors.

Large and\or Heavy-Duty Electric Scooters and Wheelchairs

Large electric scooters are generally purchased for specific tasks- they can usually take a greater weight, travel better ‘off-road’ (golf courses, paddocks etc.) and are a little large for public transport and some shopping centers. These machines are usually fitted with high-capacity batteries for extended range and increased power. Large electric wheelchairs are usually ‘by order only’ due to the options available.