Rollators and Special Walkers

Rollators and Special WalkersThe most popular product used by people with a walking infirmity or disability is a ‘rollator’ frame. Sometimes called ‘Wheely Walkers’, rollators generally have wheels on all four legs, a braking system of some capacity, a seat and a small storage compartment. Rollators are used by many people because of their handy-nature; the user can be confident knowing that they will be able to sit down at any moment, bring their bag or possessions safely and apply the brakes in an emergency. There are many, many different types of rollators, each with their own specialized application.

The most popular rollator has ‘bicycle type’ cable brakes on the handles- these allow the user to simply squeeze the brakes whenever they need to slow down. Alternatively they can usually “press down” on the handles to lock the unit so that it will not move (i.e- to sit on the seat). There is another style of brake called a ‘push down brake’. This design slows the unit down whenever the user applies downward pressure on the handles. Push down rollators are great for people with severe arthritis- but due to their design they cannot be used by people who need to lean heavily on the walker for support.

There are some other designs you can look into as well- such as a traymobile which is great for carrying goods around your house, forearm support frames which assist in the recovery of both legs at once- and three wheel walking frames for a more compact walking gate. Each frame has its pro’s and con’s, but the traditional ‘four wheel walker’ is by far the most popular rollator on the marker.

Please note that the products shown here are only examples of what Mobility Options keeps on the floor- we have over 1000 products in stock, so we cannot load them all onto the website. If there is a particular aid or model that you do not see here, please call us on (02) 8834 1213 or email us.